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“It Ain’t Psychology; It’s Only Physiology!”

physiology not psychology

“It Ain’t Psychology; It’s Only Physiology!” During my last semester of undergraduate studies in a graduate seminar on the mind-body connection, I found myself questioning the practical relevance of the topic. It seemed like an academic exercise without real-world implications. Yet, two years later, my perspective shifted dramatically after I was introduced to Rolfing in […]

Intentional Challenges

MELD, challenge

Intentional Challenges Do you lead, or do you react? We all like to think of ourselves as leaders. Yet, if you are like me, you may find yourself reacting more than you lead. I realized that I wanted things, such as that amazing relationship or that great job. Yet my unconscious, God, or the universe […]

Antifragility — Do You Have It?

Antifragile - MELD

My biggest wins in life and in groups often came from my failures. When we can experience stress in a non-survival manner, i.e., our survival response is not running the show, we get stronger.