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At the heart of MELD is a simple yet powerful mission: To harness the power of connection, emotional transparency, and vulnerability to support men and those who love them in leading fulfilling lives.

Today, men’s challenges are unique and pervasive. The traditional roles, expectations, and pressures society places upon them often lead to disconnection, isolation, and a deep sense of loneliness. MELD is here to change that narrative.

MELD evolved from what started as a small men’s group in North Idaho and then grew to be EVRYMAN. The originator and core team of EVRYMAN moved on to create MELD to serve the mission that was the seed for the group in Idaho.

The media attention EVRYMAN received came from the work of Owen Marcus, the originator of EVRYMAN’s pedagogy and its co-founder. Now, as MELD’s co-founder, all of Owen’s experience and work resides in MELD along with his lead trainers. 

One example of the history of coverage is the recent story ABC News did on attending a retreat where they interviewed Owen.


Our Impact & Contribution

Men’s Mental Health

In an era where mental health issues are at the forefront, MELD supports men in transforming their stress physiology into a tool for connection. Our programs and retreats guide men toward understanding, acknowledging, and expressing their feelings healthily and constructively.

Strengthening Relationships

By promoting vulnerability and open communication, MELD helps men build stronger relationships with their partners, families, friends, and co-workers. The history of our work is a testament to the transformative power of emotionally safe spaces and authentic connection.

Redefining being a Man

The MELD approach challenges age-old stereotypes, fostering a new definition of strength that includes emotional intelligence, empathy, and genuine self-awareness.

Combating Loneliness

MELD serves as a beacon for men searching for a real sense of community and belonging in a world that's increasingly connected digitally yet distanced emotionally. Using our peer-to-peer groups takes personal growth to a new place – communal growth. Men experience the benefits of authentic connections and supporting other men.

Possible Story Ideas


The New Face of Masculinity

How MELD is reshaping the narrative around what it means to be a man in the 21st century.


Men & Mental Health

Exploring the silent crisis of male mental health and how MELD is making a difference.


From Isolation to Brotherhood

A deep dive into MELD’s Initiatives that create spaces for men to connect, share, and grow.


The Science of Connection

Vulnerability and emotional transparency's psychological and physiological benefits. How the leading research on the physiology of stress and the need for connection can effectively be applied to helping men.

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