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Empowering Emotional Intelligence in Men

At MELD, our mission is to equip men with essential emotional fluency skills that are often overlooked in traditional upbringings. We provide a nurturing environment for developing these skills, understanding that many men face challenges in connecting with their own emotions and with others.

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Our Approach

Decades of experience have shown us that men thrive in emotionally safe spaces where they can be vulnerable without fear of judgment. These spaces enable them to practice and enhance their emotional skills in a supportive setting, fostering growth and self-awareness.

In therapy, we acknowledge that men might be reluctant to engage fully. MELD offers a communal setting where men can witness their peers addressing similar challenges which shows them that they are not alone in their struggles.

We focus on experiential learning, teaching men to empathize and connect with others through shared emotional experiences. This process emphasizes active listening and mutual support, helping men to see the transformative power of genuine connection.

Because of the work of many researchers and therapy innovators, we have crafted a new approach to working with men. For more background on the science of the MELD Method, check out this page: Rooted in Science.

MELD: An Adjunct to Therapy

MELD’s groups and programs complement professional therapy. We are not therapists; we are facilitators who create safe spaces for men to develop and practice new skills. Our method, grounded in the science of emotional physiology and attachment theory, promotes authentic connections and emotional resilience.

Neither we nor our groups diagnose or prescribe. We guide men deeper into their somatic, emotional, and relational experiences in the witness of other accepting men.

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How MELD Supports Therapists

Therapists seek ways to reinforce the progress their clients make. MELD offers a practical environment for men to apply and solidify their newly-acquired emotional skills, enhancing their personal and professional relationships.

Our approach acknowledges and celebrates men’s vulnerabilities, transforming societal stigma into communal strength. By starting with our Core training, men gain essential tools that enrich their group experiences, leading to sustained personal growth.

Areas of Success

MELD has successfully supported men in various areas, including:

Origin and Evolution of MELD

Inspired by extensive professional training and clinical experience, MELD’s approach is tailored to resonate with men, fostering a supportive community for emotional empowerment. Utilizing physiological insights, we have created a dynamic model for emotional engagement, expanding our reach to train and connect men globally.

What Therapists Say

Male therapists experience our work for themselves, both male and female therapists send men to MELD to enhance their therapy.

If MELD was therapy, it would be Emotional Focus Therapy (EFT).

Sue Johnston, Ph.D

Developer of Emotional Focus Therapy

Through the lens of the amazing work MELD has been facilitating in their men group and retreats, I became a much more attuned and skillful therapist, as it helped me understand the core of some of the difficulties men have in their emotional realm.

Eric Ridgway

Therapist, M.S., M.Ed.

I support it [MELD]; I will refer to it, I think it is beautiful work. I think that you [MELD] are doing it at a very particular moment in time in terms of social history, which gives it a great poignancy… Lives of women will not change until the lives of men come along to have the opportunity to be examined as well. MELD is an organization that offers their contribution to this social change. In that, I think it is very important work. It is necessary. And it is necessary for the wellbeing of all.

Esther Perel

Psychologist, Best Selling Author

The work of MELD encourages emotional connection and expression. The EVRYMAN Method employs aspects of EFT and IFS approaches to getting men to connect to their own and others’ experiences.

Dalia Anderman

EFT Couples Therapist, LMFT

This work has helped me connect on a deeper level with men, and often in way less time. My male clients get to feeling more secure in the therapeutic counseling process quicker, and I am able to share my personal experiences to inspire hope and examples to further my client’s growth.

Joshua A. Barnes

J.D., M.S.W

What I love what MELD is doing. It sounds a little bit risky. You got to talk about these things, but most of the time when you go into these little groups after what you’d like to know, what, Holy cow, I wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. And it’s that experience that starts building momentum to want to do emotions differently.

George Faller

MS, LMFT, EFT Trainer Retired Lieutenant of the NYC Fire Department

Suggested Path for Men

Over the years, we’ve discovered that many men benefit from an initial introduction to our fundamental skills, especially in an emotionally safe and guided environment alongside their peers. Our Core training, spanning four weeks, offers an invaluable experience where men can embrace authenticity while engaging with others on a similar journey. This initial training often inspires participants to join a peer-to-peer group, further enhancing their skills and fostering meaningful connections.

We’ve observed that men are generally more receptive to committing to a short-term, four-session course before deciding to engage in longer-term group activities. This approach allows them to fully understand and appreciate the depth of our program.

At Meld, our goal is to equip men with vital tools, clear guidelines, and opportunities to practice authentic connection with others. We are proud to report that an increasing number of participants are joining us through referrals from their therapists. The feedback from both the men and their therapists has been consistently positive.

This is MELD Core 4-week training.

An Explanation of MELD for Therapists