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Men's Experiences

Over the years, the MELD team and the men we trained using the MELD Method have impacted thousands of men. We have the honor of assisting men in their twenties to their eighties. Here are a few of the men’s experiences.

The Work

Easily the biggest challenge for my wife and I has been raising our son who has autism. Before I got involved in my micro, I felt alone, sad, angry, and blocked from fully living. With the support and reflection back from the men in my Group, I have come to grow and expand the creative, passionate and visionary parts of me that I had put on hold years ago, as my wife and I hunkered down in the overwhelm of autism. Today, I have come to celebrate the gifts of autism and to be in awe of my son, who is truly a shining being.

I bring more love, truth and light to the work I do with teens, and my marriage is more honest and open than it has ever been. I now create in my life what I want.

David Barth, MS LCPC

Tapping into the core human feelings as they arise in the body, and sharing those experientially with other men in small groups, proved to be meaningful work which I have taken with me into my own practice and work with others. It’s a counter-intuitive modality for those of us who are intellectually or psychodynamically inclined, and I believe a growing part of healing helping work.

Justin R. Cambria, LCSW, MBA

The MELD method help men to grow emotionally, to stay authentic, and to experience love and acceptance from other men. It helps to bring healing to wounds caused by poor father experiences.


Piére NEL, Ph.D.

South Africa

When I spent the weekend with Owen in upstate New York about 5 years ago, I was left feeling inspired by Owen’s presence. Just the way Owen shows up with so much wisdom combined with deep humility. Owen created space for the other men with much less experience to also share the stage; it was very eye-opening for me. I had powerful moments throughout, but one that stood out was the way I was supported to go inwards and process some childhood trauma. I felt so safe I was able to completely let go, and be taken back there to revisit it and deal with it, and felt totally supported by Owen and the team. This body of work in general has had such a powerful impact on my life; getting more deeply in touch with my emotions has enabled me to connect more deeply with myself, my deepest truth, and develop as a man, and helped me in creating healthy relationships in my life with other men. Thank you for your commitment and the invaluable work you’re doing to help men heal and relate more healthfully.

Mordechai Wiener

Business Owner


I have worked as a therapist (MFT) since 2006, have run men’s groups since 2005, and participated in men’s groups since 2003. My weekend facilitated by Owen was among the very best, most impactful experiences I have had in a men’s group setting. I was moved, both personally, in the work Owen did with me and in watching him masterfully work with other men. Owen is able to guide men to uncover and discover new parts of themselves and their human experience and begin to heal in ways that are only rarely possible in this life for most men. I would recommend Owen Marcus and his offerings to any man interested in undergoing transformation or seeking empowerment and deeper healing.

Brad Koch, MFT

I was struggling to find my voice with my business partner. There were lots of things not being said from both sides, leading to discontentment, dysfunction, and unhappiness.

I was also struggling in my relationship with my wife. She was not being seen, I was not being present, and I was not showing up as the man in our relationship.

Both of these struggles obviously spilled over into all my relationships both business and personal.

I was a very guarded person when I joined group. I have never wanted to look weak or wounded to anyone in my life. The thought of opening up and becoming vulnerable with a group of men I did not know was edgy and way out of my comfort zone. How could me revealing guarded personal feelings and truths about myself help in any way? Who are these men and why would I want to spend time with them?

It has been a long journey, but getting in touch with my feelings was profound. Learning that feeling anger and fear were okay, having men support and not judge me for my short comings and shame, being seen and celebrated for my victories and triumphs and finding my voice and walking through the fear have all been monumental in my transformation.  Also, learning to hold space and remain present have brought my wife and I very close and has pushed our relationship to a new level (still a work in progress). Connecting on a deep level with a community of men (none of whom I liked at the beginning) has been very rewarding. Stepping up and leading and mentoring new men has also been life changing.

Men’s group has changed my life and who I am. The journey continues but the impact of how I now show up in my businesses with employees, vendors, and customers is priceless. How I show up in my community, and with my friends, family, and my spouse is remarkably different than before I joined group. I am open, engaging and present. The best result is that I feel whole. I don’t feel like I’m hiding anything. These attributes have a huge impact on my family, my community, my businesses and the world.

Looking back on my initial resistance, it becomes very clear that my resistance was rooted in all the things I wanted to change and heal in my life.

I didn’t want to be seen, didn’t want to get angry, didn’t want to sit in a room with strange men, didn’t want to reveal my weaknesses or shame, but by showing up, opening up and becoming vulnerable I allowed healing and transformation to unfold. The groups skill set in taking men deep, leading healing journeys, allowing me and encouraging me to sit in my feelings has led me to where I am today.

John Edwards

Business Owner, Volunteer

I arrived with a mission to resolve the underlying fears and resulting conscious and unconscious choices that had both driven and been the hidden backdrop to my life since childhood. 

What I found in the work is the path to pull the veil back from the unconscious mind and sit at the source of my fear and consciously choose to integrate and continue forward on my path, unburdened by self-sabotaging mindsets and behaviors. The impact on my family, business, and emotional health is like taking your first breath at birth.

Collin-Aldous N. Beggs

President of Collin Beggs Design Build Timber Framing, Inc.

I’m Jim Heaney, an 80-year-old retired management consultant with over 40 years of professional experience. My connection with Owen Marcus spans three decades, and I can attest to his exceptional ability to facilitate profound personal transformation.

What sets Owen and this work apart is their masterful integration of modalities like bodywork, mindfulness, neurolinguistic programming, and shamanic wisdom into life-changing programs. His weekend workshops have helped me and others breakthrough to new levels of joy, freedom and self-awareness.

Owen and the MELD team have an authentic ability to care for everyone’s growth journey. Their dedication to this sacred work is unmatched. If you’re ready to profoundly elevate your life, MELD’s offerings will create shifts beyond what you can imagine. The positive impact they had on my life over our long relationship is immeasurable.

Jim Heaney

Retired Management Consultant