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The Tools to Lead a New Life

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Embarking on a journey to lead a new life is like renovating a home, stripping away the outdated parts and building anew.

We’re here to provide tools and guidance for your transformation.

Building a new life

Our leverage is the MELD Method -

Akin to a set of power tools for life renovation. This method, grounded in science and refined over decades, equips you to design and construct your life as you envision it.


MELD Trainings, Retreats, and Events.

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MELD's Flagship 4-Week Training Program. Go from surviving to succeeding using the core physiological tools of the MELD Method.


Coaching with Owen Marcus. A deep dive into the power of a MELD group, utilizing Owen's experience to address issues that continue to sabotage your goals.


Process, release, and grow at this 3-day immersive in-person training and retreat. Unwind in nature, eat good food, and cultivate skills that will serve you for a lifetime.


Join the Waitlist. MELD’s deepest dive into the work for personal and professional growth, with optional certification track – the program with a track record of training facilitators and coaches.


A live, interactive podcast series that allow you to connect with innovators, authors, and leaders in the field.


Where men connect, and their groups are supported -- a free community of authentic connections that we often lack.

How MELD Programs Were Built

Building What Hadn’t Been Built

Owen Marcus, seeking not just change but a fundamental reimagining of life, laid the foundation of this transformative approach. His journey started before he created the Sandpoint Men’s Group, which evolved into what became EVRYMAN, and now MELD, embodying a powerful method for life renovation.

From the start, men would see our work and say, “I’ve never seen anything like this. How do I learn how to do it?” The MELD team unpacked what makes this work powerful in creating our programs and retreats.

The Foundation

This renovation journey is supported by rigorous research by behavioral physiology and attachment theory researchers and therapy innovators, allowing MELD to offer unprecedented training and events. Owen has been at the forefront of applying leading-edge research to practical, life-changing applications for over three decades.

Our team’s wealth of experience, gained through thousands of hours spent participating in and leading men’s groups, has fueled our personal growth and the continuous refinement of our methods. These experiences act as our laboratory, enabling us to develop and hone the practices that are central to our programs and retreats.

A Unique Approach to Life’s Renovation

Building on the rich legacy of the old EVRYMAN, we are now focusing on honing and expanding our impact, helping more men and organizations construct meaningful, fulfilling lives.

Success, more than ever, depends on having the emotional and relational skills that most of us have never seen or been taught. More men are using our trainings to get what they previously never had to succeed in today’s business environments. Unlike many women, most of us did not have role models or training to use our emotions to connect and lead authentically. When given the missing tools, skills, and a place to practice, men excel.

MELD men

Begin Your Restoration

Let us help you build that life you want. Experience teaches us that it can be more straightforward, quicker, and more fun than we imagined with the right tools and guidance.