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MELD's Videos

Leadership Begins Within

Discover more about MELD’s science and processes.


Interview with Peter Levine, Ph.D.

Dive into our enlightening conversation with Dr. Peter Levine, a best-selling author and the esteemed creator of Somatic Experiencing. In this insightful interview, Dr. Levine delves into his innovative methods for healing trauma and fostering personal growth.

Men: Stop JUST Talking About Your Emotions

In this engaging discussion, MELD founder Owen Marcus and a fellow coach Connor Beaton explore the true desires of men versus mainstream definitions of masculinity. They delve into the reasons why “masculinity” is a focal point in culture, the journey to mature masculinity, and the impact of missed developmental milestones. Highlighting the importance of emotional expression and physiological understanding, the conversation provides insights into effective tools for men to reconnect with their bodies and emotions, reflecting on the transformative potential of men’s groups initiated by Owen Marcus.