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A Man’s Retreat

In the journey of personal growth, men often face unique challenges, frequently feeling isolated in their struggles. The statistics are alarming; men are disproportionately affected by mental health issues such as higher rates of suicide and less likelihood to seek help. This underscores the urgent need for spaces where men can openly share and support each other.

At MELD, building upon what I created at EVRYMAN, our Men’s Emotional Leadership Development programs provide these crucial spaces. The Grow men’s retreats at MELD are designed to be safe havens where men can unpack the emotional and relational burdens that hold them back. These retreats allow participants to get real about their challenges in an environment that promotes deep connection and mutual support.

Through a blend of structured activities designed around the MELD Method, men are encouraged to explore their vulnerabilities and discover their strengths. This process is about releasing what has been hidden while building resilience and having fun. Many men find lasting bonds and a renewed sense of joy in these shared moments of laughter and camaraderie.

The training at MELD is meticulously crafted around learning and embodying the power of the MELD Method. We guide you through each progressive step by having you practice that step on another man. This approach ensures natural and practical learning, even for those new to men’s work, men’s groups, and other realms. Embodying the power of the MELD Method allows men to leave not only transformed but also with an entirely new skill set of emotional skills.

This work, honed from 70 years of somatic research and application development from the world’s top researchers and therapists — reengages instinctual skills that many of us had unlearned. Our physiology has not changed over the 10,000 years since we left tribal settings, but how we deal with stress has changed significantly. We help you reclaim your physiology and, thereby, your psychology.

Men learn to forge a new kind of strength that comes from authenticity and the support of a brotherhood committed to growth. Join us to experience this transformative journey where you can be real, be supported, and start changing your life in profound ways.

Learn more and become part of MELD’s Grow men’s retreat. Much more than a men’s personal growth workshop, they are a transformative experience; check them out; if you have questions, there’s a way to schedule a call.