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Men’s Emotional Leadership Development

Leadership Begins Within

A Community for Men, Grounded in Science

MELD utilizes the latest research on stress, trauma, polyvagal theory, and attachment theory to take advantage of an untapped asset: our physiology. Rather than ignore our physiological and emotional responses, we develop the skills that make them our allies.

We work with the body to develop emotional fluency. When we are disconnected from our body and our experiences, we are disconnected from our emotions. The MELD Method works with the body’s signals to allow a man to increase the variety of circumstances in which they are in control and aware of their emotions.

Men achieve profound emotional growth, build meaningful relationships, and connect with their deeper purpose simply by slowing down to connect to their body.

We’re Designed To Connect

Men are taught that emotion is weakness, expression is dangerous, and that we should be able to handle whatever comes at us on our own without reaching out for help. Our inherent ability to express and to share our true feelings, has eroded. We often don’t know how to connect, causing us to retreat further, and stamp out our own fire.

From the earliest days of our evolution, social bonds and connections have been integral to our survival and well-being. The often romanticized image of the Lone Wolf doesn’t align with our biological and psychological makeup. Our brains are designed to seek and form connections with others, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

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